An Impromptu Story

5 min readApr 4, 2023


My friend shared a few pics of his road trip that he took to the serene countryside in Bengal.

Below is one quick glimpse, for starters.

One glance at the images and I could feel the unconscious Irving Wallace inside me coming back to his senses. With an evil smirk, I told my friend, “You know what? I think I have a Literotica script ready for you.”

“I don't understand what you mean”, he very well knew what I meant but just wanted to read the stuff. I mean, Literotica is the genesis of all the “Naughty America” stuff we see on the internet today. What would kids from the pre-internet age resort to in order to get their sexual tensions released, anyway?

Ok, I don’t wish to build any more tension here because I was surely not going to literally script a porn scene here.

So, where was I?

Ah, here! Truth be told, until that very moment, I had no story entirely cooked up in my mind. I’d say it was just a sprig of a thought. But I didn’t want to disappoint my friend. So I took a deep breath and let that inner Wallace take over and do the talking.

Thus begins the script. (PS: I have changed the name of the ‘protagonist’ for…I don’t know the f*** why.)

Subrato is a freelance content writer. For the past decade, he has been writing for various publication houses and ad agencies from around the world. Consistently delivering great work meant not just recurring clients but also additional referral clients.

It’s the end of March and one of Subrato’s clients, Angela Blue, a middle-aged American woman, informs him that she is on a business trip to India. She tells Subrato that as part of her trip, she would love to visit Kolkata as well. Subrato is happy and excited. Being the hospitable and kind soul he is, Subrato would get an opportunity to play a different role for his client this time — that of a local guide.

Angela is a travel junkie and foodie. Two of the top things on her ‘To do’ list while traveling to India were food and going on a bike trip in the countryside. As soon as she arrives at The Oberoi Grand hotel in Kolkata, she calls Subrato to inform him about her whereabouts. She has just two more days to go before she packs her bags to return to the US.

“How about we meet today, Subrato? I can’t wait to taste the yummy Bengali food!”, Angela is super excited.

Subrato checks his schedule. His wife Moushmi, who is a school teacher is busy dealing with her student’s annual exam papers. He informs Moushmi about this client and the day-long trip they have planned. The wifey is more concerned about her work and waves, “You guys have a good time!”

“How about we meet at the Palash Hotel in the city center? We can have a quick discussion on the upcoming project and enjoy the Tandoori chicken too.”, suggests Subrato.

“Perfect! 2 pm we meet then.”, Angela is all set to soak in everything served for her.

And so the two meet over food and have a long conversation, discussing business and exchanging a few things personal.

Angela cannot just contain her happiness and the foodie in her ends up devouring every last shred of that Tandoori chicken dipped in the mint chutney. Subrato is happy that she is liking the whole experience.

Angela is absolutely mesmerized and curious to see and know more about anything local. “Hey Subrato, what next? I can’t wait!”

“How about a short road trip on my bike to the nearby countryside? You bet you wouldn’t want to miss watching the sunset from that location.” Subrato seems equally happy and excited.

They both hop on his bike. During the ride, Angela is mostly quiet. She has fleeting glimpses of the present and of her recent past. An ugly breakup with her then boyfriend has definitely left her heartbroken.

Throughout the road trip, Subrato noticed this visible silence in Angela, and upon reaching the destination, he asks what happened. Angela decides to narrate things about what she has had to go through in recent months.

The daily fights with the boyfriend. The series of breakdowns. The constant smoking problem. The sleepless nights. Somewhere in that story, Subrato feels that Angela was also giving hints that she hasn’t been laid in a while. He, anyway, truly feels empathy for her.

Suddenly, the cold evening breeze blows through. Subrato senses that Angela is feeling colder. He runs to his bike to get his jacket. He returns and gently hands the jacket to her.

“You see that setting sun? That sun is going to rise again tomorrow, waking us all up. Did you see those shy waves at the lap of the shore? They’re now lap dancing for this cold breeze! Life is just like that — the sunsets are followed by the sunrises, the melancholic waves are eclipsed by the happy, dancing ones.”

She looks at him and smiles. But that smile carries in it a streak of sorrow.

Is it just no love or is it no love and no sex? That can be really frustrating for a middle-aged Western woman. Perhaps it’s the same for all middle-aged women?

Instinctively, he comes closer to her and holds her face gently with both his hands. She looks into his eyes. He instantly feels apologetic and withdraws his hands and steps back.

Nice tactic by every man who wants to draw the woman in for the first move.

She says it's Ok and literally lunges at him for a passionate kiss.

The sun has set. The lonely wilderness is now cloaked by soft moans that can be only heard by the two souls. The moans grow into groans and then silence dripping in sweet sweat.

What a perfect way to climax the day!

The Irving Wallace is now gone and I resume my personality.

“But where’s the Literotica? Where’s the sex in here, you cheap F***?”, I ask myself.

I then share it with my friend and I fear if he’d throw dogs*** on my face for this.

Well, his reaction was gold.

“Wow! Seriously impressed because it is romantic and beautiful. Not just sex…”

I consider myself forgiven for promising a ‘literotica’ and delivering something far less stimulating. <wink>

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