I Read a Few Pages from Ca$hvertising and Wrote This Email

You’d want to read through and critique as well

4 min readSep 1, 2023

I was scrolling through YouTube last night and this random video by Cardinal Mason caught my attention.

So, who is Cardinal Mason? This 24-year-old man is crushing it in the copywriting space big time. Mason has a YouTube channel where he talks about how he pivoted his career from a waiter in a restaurant to a full-time freelance copywriter.

In this particular video, he mentions a book called Ca$hvertising that helped him understand the nuances of copywriting. For some odd reason, it caught my attention and I was kind of intrigued. (Great job, Mason! Now that’s what copywriting is all about, I suppose.)

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Being a reader myself, I became curious to know more about how this book would influence anyone reading it. If a 19-year-old could start his Copywriting journey after a quick devouring through the chapters, and make bank in just four years, isn’t it worth giving a read?

As soon as I finished watching the video, I hopped on Google and searched for a pdf version of Ca$hvertising. Voila! Found one and started reading through without wasting another second.

If you are someone who is interested in learning about marketing and sales, this is one book you shouldn’t miss. The author Drew Whitman had me instantly hooked. That’s why they say ‘Copywriting is all about storytelling ha?

Guess what happened next? No sooner I finished reading the first few chapters, I felt this urge to craft my first “email copy”. Ha! I know I am not a “copywriter”. But the fun lies in trying new things, right?

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Ashtanga Yoga is one of my interests, so I thought of writing a welcome email for a fictitious Yoga School.

Here’s the sample email I wrote for Poornima Yoga:

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“Email subject: Welcome to my fam!

Namaste Shivin!

Welcome to my family of passionate and fun-loving yogis. I am Poornima Hegde and I am super glad to have you here.

I have to confess — when I first stepped on the mat five years ago, I never imagined Ashtanga yoga would change my life forever.

In all these years of learning, I was empowered with tools to connect with myself deeper spiritually. I have also become stronger mentally and physically.

Now, I want you to experience the same or something even better.

Here’s a free Ashtanga Yoga video tutorial I have chosen specially for you. Click on the link to start your journey with me, today.


To practice with me online, click on the below link to get one month of free access to my online yoga channel Poornimayoga. <Website URL>. Hey, don’t forget to use the code POORNIMA23 during checkout.

Shivin, you can be a total beginner or an experienced practitioner in Yoga. I’m going to be around anyway to see that your needs and goals are met here.

You will hear from me three to four times a month. So watch this space, my yogi friend ;)

Now that you’re subscribed, you get access to the latest updates, special offers, and upcoming events happening in our inner circle.

I want to keep you inspired to stay on that mat and I look forward to meeting you here soon.

Love and light,


That was my first attempt at writing an email copy. Call it “The Whitman effect”.

If you, the reader, are a seasoned marketing professional or copywriter, feel free to critique this.

Happy to listen to your feedback so I can do better next time.

Copywriting seems like a fun thing. I am definitely going to read further chapters from Ca$hvertising and apply my learnings accordingly.

Also, if you’d like to suggest better resources to learn copywriting, feel free to comment.

Have a good one. Keep reading and keep writing.

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